$3,903,000 SGD¥19,515,000


The Crest

Prince Charles Crescent


The Crest's exclusive customization is to meet your lifestyle

The Crest is located above the waterscape, hidden among the greenery, while the Green Pavilion stands elegantly and enjoys the magnificent view of the city.

Jewish Road, Dongling Road, Nathan Road, and Grange Road make transportation to and from The Crest easy and unobstructed. Orchard Road can be reached in six minutes by car and Marina Bay Centre in ten minutes. Within ten minutes' drive, you can reach various corners of Singapore through multiple expressways.

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Adjacent to major integrated commercial and entertainment centers, The Crest's excellent location allows you to have both the tranquility and the exquisite serenity, as well as easy access to the city's multiple business and leisure centers through multiple routes. The scenic park is a short walk away to explore the bustling city, and to the left, it is directly connected to the southern ridge to be intoxicated by the beauty of nature. In all directions, there is definitely something for you to explore.

Stepping into the private world of The Crest, you will be greeted by spectacular water features and more than 30 varieties of manicured vegetation surrounding it. This calm and peaceful open oasis forms a focal landscape, allowing residents to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

The ultimate model of tropical life, the combination of landscape pots and building exterior walls extends the green landscape to the vertical plane. The carefully selected and designed flora emphasizes the layered sense of green leaves. Nature and architecture are one.

Play has become one of the factors that promote the all-round development of children. Playing in children's paddling pools, children's gazebos, play berms, and children's recreation areas can stimulate children to express themselves.

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Derek Lim 林煜遂

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